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Kerb Sets
Traditional Kerb Memorials are permitted in some Cemeteries but not all. Although kerbs can be found in most Cemeteries, many Councils no longer allow them. They are allowed in North Lincolnshire Council Cemeteries, North East Lincolnshire Cemeteries and Gainsborough General Cemetery. All the kerbs shown can be made to suit any regulation sizes and in any colour of granite.

We currently have several kerb sets on offer. (See below)
Current Offers end 30th November 2018

EC100  -  Normally £1500 
ON OFFER £1250
EC100 - Normally £1500
ON OFFER £1250
All Polished Black Granite Kerb Memorial. Our most popular Kerb Memorial. Headstone 2'3" High STOCK
EC107  -  £2300
EC107 - £2300
All Polished Black Granite Kerb Memorial with barley twist kerbs
EC104  -  £2400
EC104 - £2400
Brown Samoka Granite with beautifully carved lilies. An outstanding Kerb Set
EC101  -  £1650
EC101 - £1650
Avon Grey Granite Kerb Memorial
EC114  -  £2500
EC114 - £2500
Blue Pearl Heart Memorial with rose ornament and cover slab
CMC47  -  £3175
CMC47 - £3175
Bahama Blue Kerb Memorial with Heart design cover slab and curved desk front
Double Carved Angel - £2995
Double Carved Angel - £2995
A beautiful Double Carved Angel in Mid Grey with large Heart Vase at the foot.
Gates of Heaven £2800.
Gates of Heaven £2800.
Bahama Blue 'Gates of Heaven' Memorial with path, steps and 2 books.
Carved Gothic Memorial £1800.
Carved Gothic Memorial £1800.
Deep carved roses adorn this Gothic shape in Mid Grey granite
EC109  -  £2100
EC109 - £2100
Warwick Grey Granite with stepped cover slab.
EC111  -  £1800
EC111 - £1800
All Polished Black Granite Memorial with heart cutout
EC110  -  £1800
EC110 - £1800
Stratford Grey Granite Kerb Memorial
EC115  -  £1850 Dark Grey  Special Offer Black Granite £1500
EC115 - £1850 Dark Grey Special Offer Black Granite £1500
Rustenburg Grey Granite Book Kerb Memorial Black Granite Book Kerb STOCK
EC105  -  £2100
EC105 - £2100
Green Galaxy worked book kerb memorial with gilded ivy and cord and tassel
BM20 - £2300  On Offer!  £1950
BM20 - £2300 On Offer! £1950
Tropical Green Anton Kerb Set with winding path and steps.
Eland - £2055 Offer price £1800
Eland - £2055 Offer price £1800
Traditional Kerb Set with Heart headstone and carved roses.
Fallows - £2200. Offer Price £1900
Fallows - £2200. Offer Price £1900
Stepped kerbs and Cala Lily combine to make this graceful all polished Black Memorial
Lockton - £2595
Lockton - £2595
Pitched kerbs and a shaped pathway lead up to a beautifully detailed archway on polished M.P. White Granite
 All kerb set prices include 100 letters, solid one piece terrazzo foundation, concrete centre and chippings.
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