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Cremation Memorials
We carry a wide range of Memorials suitable for Cremation but please be aware that sizes vary between different cemeteries and churchyards. Memorials tend to be smaller for cremation than burial memorials but all memorials can be reduced in size to suit the relevant councils' regulations.
EC240  -  £620
EC240 - £620
2" Black Granite Book Memorial
EC248  -  £480
EC248 - £480
Lunar Grey Granite Memorial with vase rest STOCK. Choice of Black, Dark Grey or Light Grey
CR10 - Large  £750
CR10 - Large £750
3" Black Granite book with gilded cord and tassel. Plain base not as shown STOCK
CR10- Small  £620
CR10- Small £620
2" Black Granite Book with sandblasted cord and tassel. Square base
Melton  -  £550
Melton - £550
Dark Grey Memorial with ornate sandblast design STOCK
CMC194 - £525
CMC194 - £525
All Polished Black Granite Ogee with etched book and rose design STOCK
EC255  -  £480
EC255 - £480
Black Granite Desk with worked Book design STOCK
EC254  -  £350
EC254 - £350
Glenaby Granite Book Desk Memorial
EC251  -  £450
EC251 - £450
Black Granite Desk scroll Memorial STOCK
EC25  -  £540
EC25 - £540
Black Granite "Churchyard" top memorial with chamfers STOCK
EC252  -  £440
EC252 - £440
Black Granite Desk Memorial with moulded edge
Appleton  -  £650
Appleton - £650
All Polished Black Cushion Heart with turned vase Available in Ruby Red from STOCK
CMC218 - £570
CMC218 - £570
All Polished Black Granite with rope effect edging
CMC201 -
CMC201 -
Carved Tree design accentuates the edge of this memorial. Polished Black splay with granite base


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