Barningham Memorials Ltd - An Everlasting Tribute To A Loved One
We stock a selection of Book type memorials for both burial and cremation plots. Books are generally accepted in cemeteries but regulations do not allow them in churchyards
Most books are sat on either rests or a wedge but there are a number of designs for lawn (upright) memorials. Below is just a small selection.

EC133  -  £840
EC133 - £840
Lunar Grey Granite Book Memorial with carved centre rose
EC138  -  £610
EC138 - £610
Dark Grey Granite sandblasted Book design STOCK
EC142  -  £1025
EC142 - £1025
Black Granite with worked Book and painted rose STOCK
CMC3  -  £1150
CMC3 - £1150
Dark Grey Granite worked Book with carved angel
EC132  -  £820
EC132 - £820
All Polished Black Granite Book set with a bowed base STOCK On Offer at £749
EC130  -  £950
EC130 - £950
All Polished Blue Pearl Book Set. STOCK
EC131  -  £850
EC131 - £850
Dark Grey Granite Memorial with carved roses
EC140  -  £790
EC140 - £790
Black Granite closed book Memorial STOCK
EC141  -  £1305
EC141 - £1305
Bahama Blue Granite Book with deep carved roses
EC143  -  £900
EC143 - £900
Black Granite Book Memorial with small heart and vases STOCK
EC135  -  £580
EC135 - £580
All Polished Black Book Memorial. (please note that this is a smaller memorial) STOCK
EC136  -  £1280
EC136 - £1280
All Polished Black Book with stepped pages. Dipped centre with a splayed base STOCK

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